We all have a responsibility to Respect the Ride when onboard Intercity Transit. We strive to make your trip as safe and as comfortable as possible. When you Respect the Ride, you will help ensure that everyone enjoys their journey. While riding, please remember to:

  1. Keep your voice, music and phone conversations low.
  2. For your safety, please don’t sleep while on board.
  3. Have a destination when you get on board.
  4. Save the front seats for people that need them.
  5. Be respectful and use family-friendly language while on board.
  6. Ensure your personal items aren’t taking seats away from other passengers.

Everyone is welcome on Intercity Transit.

Please respect the diversity of your fellow passengers; being considerate and kind to other riders makes the ride better for everyone.

These and other rider rules can be found on our Safety and Rules webpage.