Executive Department

Emily Bergkamp, General Manager, 360-705-5889

The Executive Department directs and coordinates agency overall activities according to Agency policy, provides staff support for the Authority and the Community Advisory Committee, and Public Records.

Development Department

Peter Stackpole, Development Director, 360-357-1795

Planning Division

Rob LaFontaine, Deputy Director, Planning, 360-705-5832

The planning division develops, monitors, and evaluates Intercity Transit's fixed-route services. This division also provides strategic and future planning services for the agency, which includes preparing the agency's annual six-year Transit Development Plan. Planning works with local governments to draft and review comprehensive land use plans and ordinances and works with public agencies and private developers to ensure that new developments accommodate transit customer needs.

Marketing and Communications Division

Nick Demerice, Chief Marketing, Communications & Outreach Officer, 360-236-5058

Marketing and Communications produces agency public information materials and promotes awareness and use of Intercity Transit services. The division also oversees website content and public information and coordinates marketing, advertising, communications and outreach programs. This division supports media relations and represents the agency to the news media.

Media Inquiries: Please direct all media inquiries to media@intercitytransit.com.

Procurement Division

Michael Maverick, Deputy Director, Procurement & Capital Development, 360-705-5877

Procurement manages the development of major construction and other complex projects. The division coordinates the selection and management of consultants and contractors and maintains the agency-wide calendar for project and contract scheduling. The division is also responsible for entry and audits of the agency's inventory, vehicle component, and work order system. Inventory staff administers the vehicle warranty claims systems.   

Administrative Services Department

Heather Stafford-Smith, Administrative Services Director/EEO Officer, 360-705-5861

The Administrative Services Department includes Human Resources, Finance and Information Systems.

Human Resources

Human Resources administers employee recruitment and employment, employee benefits, and classification and compensation. The department also oversees staff training, labor contracts, health and welfare, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, employee labor relations, safety and accident prevention, and vehicle accident and incident claims management.

Finance Department

Jana Brown, Chief Financial Officer, 360-705-5816

The Finance Division records and maintains the Agency's financial transactions and files. Responsibilities include: payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, cash management, budgeting and general ledger services. The division develops and maintains internal and external controls over these functions to safeguard agency assets. Finance prepares Intercity Transit's annual budget and financial report, and monitors revenues and expenditures.

Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division provides four main functions: the wide area network, the telephone system, and applications maintenance and systems analysis services.

Operations Department

Dena Withrow, Director of Operations, 360-357-1569

Operations comprises five major divisions:

Transportation Division

The Transportation Division is responsible for meeting 100 percent of Intercity Transit's service commitments 365 days a year. Services provided by the division include:

  • Fixed route service,
  • Dial-A-Lift service,
  • Vanpool/Carpool and ride matching service,
  • Job Access Program known as Village Vans, and
  • Customer Service

Dial-A-Lift Division

Kevin Karkoski, Dial-A-Lift Manager, 360-236-5044

Dial-A-Lift provides specialized transportation service for people with disabilities that prevent them from using the regular bus service. The division is responsible for operating Intercity Transit services in concordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Vanpool Services Division

Lynne Cunningham, Vanpool Manager, 360-705-5809

The Vanpool Services Division administers and coordinates the agency's vanpool program. The division provides day-to-day support for vanpool volunteers and recruits and trains volunteer coordinators, drivers and bookkeepers.

Vanpool Services administers a statewide ride matching service for commuters seeking carpools or vanpools. The division also oversees the agency's Community Van and Surplus Van Grant programs, which provide transportation solutions for nonprofit organizations and community groups.

Village Vans Division

Izi LeMay, Village Vans Supervisor, 360-705-5831

Village Vans provides transportation for welfare participants and other low-income individuals. The program also provides job training and work experience for eligible participants selected as vehicle operators. The service transports eligible passengers to work-related activities including job search, training, and educational classes and other necessary appointments. It is designed to help passengers who cannot access regular bus routes to fulfill responsibilities that are difficult or especially time consuming. The program operates with regular collaboration between Intercity Transit, government agencies, and social service organizations that work with low-income people. The project is funded from Federal and state grant sources.

Customer Service Division

Customer Service, 360-786-1881

Customer Service provides customers and others information about transit services. Other functions include designing customized trip plans, schedule and brochure delivery, administering the regional reduced fare program, and lost and found.

Fleet and Facilities Maintenance Department

Jonathon Yee, Director of Maintenance for Fleet and Facilities, 360-705-5884

Vehicle Maintenance Division

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for providing safe, clean and mechanically reliable vehicles for all transit operations. Division staff is responsible for cleaning, servicing and maintaining all vehicles. The division contributes to a cleaner environment by recycling programs and vehicle improvements. Staff constantly monitor and evaluate products and methods to achieve a high level of safety, productivity and efficiency.

Maintenance business hours are:
Round the clock, Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Facility Maintenance Division

The Facility Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the agency's buildings, equipment, systems, furnishings, and grounds. Our facilities include:

Facilities Maintenance is also responsible for managing the following programs:

  • The business office;
  • The maintenance building;
  • The operations facility;
  • The Olympia and Lacey Transit Centers;
  • Amtrak Centennial Station;
  • Three park and ride lots;
  • 1000 bus stops; 
  • Bus shelters;
  • Hazardous materials;
  • Stormwater;
  • Chemicals; and
  • Recycling.