Submit a Records Request

If you would like to make a public records request, please submit a request through our Records Request portal.

What you can Expect

A response to your request will be provided within five business days. 

The five-day response will either be:

  • The records requested.
  • A reasonable estimate of the time necessary to respond.
  • A request for clarification, or
  • A denial of the request.

For more information, please refer to our public records policy.

Public Records Fees

Below are the fees, we will charge on any request that accumulates fees over $1.00.

Physical Records


Standard black and white photocopies ( 8 x 11)

15 cents per printed page

Black and white photocopies (8 x 14)

15 cents per printed page

Color copies (8 x 11)

15 cents per printed page

Color copies (8 x 14)

15 cents per printed page

Oversized copies or large format records

Actual Cost or Vendor Invoice



Electronic and Other Media Formats


Electronic copies on CD-ROM

$1.00 per disk

Audio or video disks

$1.00 per disk (if copies produced in-house)
Vendor Invoice (if outsourced)

Scanning of non-electronic records

10 cents per page scanned

Electronic delivery of records

5 cents per 4 files or attachments
10 cents per gigabyte






Actual Cost

Materials or supplies

Actual Cost

Vendor-provided copies or services

Vendor Invoice

Please note: there is no charge for inspecting public records.

Need help with your request?

Email Amanda Collins or call 360-357-1532.