A person loading a bicycle onto the bicycle rack on the front of a bus

Most Intercity Transit bus routes (except Dash and The One) allow up to two bikes to be carried on the front of the bus. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next bus. Bicycles are not allowed inside buses or vans, except folding bikes.

Conventional, single seat, two-wheeled bicycles and electric bikes the size of a standard bicycle will fit on our bike racks. We cannot accommodate bicycles with oversized wheels, tandems and internal combustion motor-powered bicycles.

There are two different types of bike racks on our buses:

Type A

  • Maximum weight is 55 pounds per bike
  • Maximum tire width is 3 1/4”
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Type B

  • Maximum weight is 50 pounds per bike
  • Maximum tire width is 2 3/8”
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How to Load and Unload your Bicycle

You are responsible for loading, securing and removing your bicycle. Our Drivers cannot help with loading or unloading.  Here's how it works:

  • Remove items such as bike pumps, bags, helmets and water bottles. 
  • Tell the driver you want to use the bike rack.
  • Allow exiting passengers with bicycles to unload first, then load your bike.

To Load your Bicycle:

  • Squeeze and pull up on bike rack handle to release folded rack,
  • Lower rack until it clicks into place,
  • Lift bike onto rack, fitting front wheel into slot labeled "front," If there are no other bikes on the rack and you are able, use the slot closest to the bus, leaving the outside slot open. This will make it easier for a second passenger to load their bike.
  • Depending on the bike rack type you will either:
    • Type A: Pull out and raise the support arm over the top of the front tire, positioning it as high on the tire as possible,
    • Type B: Using the knob, rotate the support arm clockwise until it is positioned over the front tire,
  • Do not lock your bike to the rack.

To Unload Your Bicycle:

  • Exit through the front door and tell the driver that you will be unloading your bike,
  • Depending on the bike rack type you will either:
    • Type A: raise the support arm up and off the bike’s front tire,
    • Type B: using the knob, rotate the support arm counterclockwise off the bike’s front tire.
  • Lift and remove bike from rack,
  • If no other bike is on rack, fold and secure rack into upright position,
  • Move to the curb quickly. Always wait until the vehicle pulls away before crossing the street.  Never cross in front of the bus.

Practice loading your bike on the bus

Practice loading your bike on a bus in a stress-free setting using our demonstration bike rack at the Olympia Transit Center. The bus rack is on the wall between bus bays G and H.