Intercity Transit regularly procures a wide range of goods and services which are common to the public transportation industry, in a manner consistent with applicable procurement laws, regulations, policies and guidelines. Effective fulfillment of our mission requires contractual partnerships with conscientious suppliers that share our values and consistently deliver best value solutions. Intercity Transit values and encourages supplier participation in our procurements.  Please review the information below or contact us directly for additional information.

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Procurement Team:

Name Job Title Phone #
Steve Krueger Procurement/Capital Projects Manager 360-705-5833
Katie Cunningham Procurement Coordinator 360-705-5837 
Jeff Peterson Procurement Coordinator 360-705-5878
Tammy Ferris Procurement Coordinator 360-705-5818 
Jon Licht Inventory Supervisor 360-705-5882
Becky Higgenbottom Inventory Specialist 360-705-5845 
Brian Sutherby Inventory Specialist 360-705-5876 
Dan Driscoll Inventory Specialist 360-705-5842