Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, and Observed and Floating Holiday Leave

Employees accrue 12 to 25 vacation days per year depending upon date of eligibility and length of service. The maximum accrual limit is 360 hours.

Employees accrue 12 days of sick leave per year depending upon date of eligibility. The maximum accrual limit is 960 hours.

Non-represented employees receive 48 hours of floating holiday hours each year depending upon date of date of hire. Employees hired after January 1 receive one floating holiday (10 hours vacation time) at the start of his/her introductory period and accrue vacation hours in lieu of floating holiday time according to the following schedule:

April 1: 28 hours

July 1: 19 hours

October 1: 9 hours

Cell Phone and Shoe Allowance

Based on the specific business needs of each position, some non-represented employees are eligible for a cell phone allowance.

Facilities staff as well as Maintenance and Operations Supervisors are eligible for a shoe allowance of $150 each year.