Several overnight closures of the northbound (NB) I-5 on-ramp at Martin Way, near College St., will result in a detour for vehicles needing to access I-5 north. The closures will be between 8:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. We don't anticipate impacts to Olympia Express - Route 620 buses. However, if the closures last longer than anticipated, they may impact the first OB Route 620 trip. If this happens, your driver will be sure to let you know.

In addition, construction adjacent to the I-5 on-ramp on Martin Way, will require the closure of the westbound (WB) Martin Way right turn lane onto the I-5 north ramp. This will require buses leaving the Martin Way Park & Ride to detour when accessing I-5 north. The right turn lane closure will be in place for several days over a four-week period.

We don't anticipate significant travel impacts, but Route 620 riders may experience slight schedule delays due to trips being re-routed to access I-5 north. Please visit for details.

Intercity Transit is constructing improvements at the Martin Way Park & Ride to improve bus access and provide faster service for Olympia Express riders. Construction will last through mid-summer. Visit for more information about the project.

Please contact Customer Service at 360-786-1881 for questions or for service information.