The season’s short, dark days make pedestrians and bicyclists less visible to drivers. With the end of daylight savings, many of us travel when it's dark outside. Our drivers make extra efforts to watch for riders waiting at unlit bus stops, but they need your help! As one of our Operators put it, "when riding at night—wear something bright—flash a light!”

Reflective clothing and lights can help make you more visible. Help ensure your safety by using:


  • Waiting at a bus stop: Use a flashlight, light up your cell phone, or wear a flashing safety light to ensure that our drivers can see you.
  • Bicycling: State law requires the use of a white headlamp and a red rear reflector or tail light when it’s dark.
  • Walking or running: Wear a headlamp, carry a flashlight, or wear flashing safety lights.

Flashing lights appear brighter and draw attention faster than steady lights. Add them to shoes, backpacks, coats or jacket sleeves, purse straps and anywhere else you can think of.

Reflective Clothing and Gear:

  • Jackets, vests, caps, gloves and more with reflective features are great options to increase your visibility.
  • Reflective tape or bands are inexpensive options that can be added to outfits, backpacks umbrellas and more.
  • Highly-visible umbrellas help you stand out (and keep you dry).
  • Reflective backpack covers help keep contents dry and make you more visible.