You need at least five commuters to start and maintain a vanpool. Each group must have a coordinator, at least three drivers and a bookkeeper. Intercity Transit must approve and train drivers before they operate the vanpool vehicle.

Vanpool passengers pay a low monthly fare, depending on mileage and number of riders in the van. Fares cover the costs of operating the van, including fuel, insurance, and maintenance. 

The vanpool group creates its own rules such as pick-up and drop-off locations and the commute schedule.

You pay your fare at the beginning of each month to reserve your seat, but you aren't required to ride every day; members can ride fewer than five days a week.

If an emergency arises while you're at work, vanpoolers are eligible for a free taxi ride home, covered by your employer or Intercity Transit.

Get help building a vanpool

The more people, the lower your fare. Put up signs around your office building, talk with friends. And we'll be happy to help in the search. Email or call us at 360-786-8800, 866-330-7033 toll-free, or visit

After you have four other riders, call us. You'll need to:

  • Map out a route
  • Decide on pick-up and drop off points
  • Determine a schedule
  • Choose someone to coordinate the vanpool
  • Choose a bookkeeper to collect fares
  • Choose at least three people to drive. Driver applicants must meet specific requirements. We will screen and approve driver applications. Fill out the Vanpool Operator Application and fax (360-357-6184) or mail it to Vanpool Services, P.O. Box 659, Olympia, WA 98507.
  • Sign up drivers for our Defensive Driving course,
  • Have all drivers and riders read and sign the Vanpool Agreement then send it to Vanpool Services, P.O. Box 659, Olympia, WA 98507.